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    5 Excellent Tips for Local Listings

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Are you showing on all of your local listings so people can find your business easily? Check out these 5 great tips for your local listings strategy:

    1. Focus On Top Online Directories

    2. Be Consistent

    3. Add Appealing Images

    4. Encourage Customer Reviews

    5. Keep Your Information Updated

    Your local listings are an integral part of your online presence. If you need help managing your local listings, TeamBishop is here for you with our new ReachListings products. Contact us for more information!

    ReachLocal Win Google Quality Score Champion Award

    Last updated 2 years ago

    ReachLocal has won BIG with Google! We have won Google's Quality Score Champion award for having the highest average Google Adwords Quality Score during the juding period. What this means is that our automated, converison-based technology and excellent service team help drive high quality clicks to your website, lowering your click costs and improving the ROI from your online marketing efforts.

    To learn more about what ReachLocal can do for your business, contact Team Bishop today!

    Google Not the King of Search Data?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    An interesting read and something to think about concerning the amount of time people are using different aspects of the internet. Are you ensuring your business is front of these people as much as possible and not just when they are searching on Google?

    Display Spending Set to Eclipse PPC Spending Next Year

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If current trends continue, marketing dollars spent on display advertising will surpass the amount spent on PPC campaigns in 2016. Display can be a very powerful tool in your digital marketing toolbox. Are you taking advantage of display for your business?

    There Really is a Point of Diminishing Return with PPC

    Last updated 3 years ago

    It's true! You can reach a point of diminishing return your PPC campaign. Yes, sure, you can throw a lot of money at PPC and there is plenty of search to spend that money unless your services a very niche. But, there is a point where you are wasting a lot of those dollars purely on placement or in a bidding war with either a mega-corporation with seemingly limitless marketing budgets or any number of local businesses who may be vying solely for that #1 spot. Basically, you reach that point where your cost per click (CPC) becomes too high that it spends your budget out too quickly or just spend WAY more money than you intended. Then, the worst part starts - the cost per acquisition from your PPC campaign begins to rise, fueled mostly by these higher CPCs.

    We have this discussion often with our clients. Finding the middle ground of where your PPC ads show well on the page (not always #1, 2 or even 3), CPC is controllable, and the marketing budget required isn't as significant of an investment for you. It all comes down to getting the balance between spending the right amount to get you the clicks and subsequently leads versus spending too much and throwing money away on CPC.

    Additionally, as this article from Search Engine Land points out, the additionally budget from PPC may be better spend on other supporting digital marketing campaigns, such as display, social media, & SEO. Many of these other medium can give your PPC campaign a boast (almost like providing it "insurance") and also build awareness for your business. It all comes around full circle for you.

    TeamBishop can help you find that perfect balance and consult with you to find the best mix of your digital marketing dollar to support your goals in driving new leads. Give us a call today at 407-920-7395!

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