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In a nutshell, here is what ReachCast addresses – organic search engine placement, social media and online reputation monitoring & management. So in addition to the awesome technology and your very own Web Presence Professional (WPP) who will be creating your content for your ReachLocal ReachCast page, ReachCast helps with organic search placement (both for your Cast page as well as your website), handles your social media and monitors your online reputation.

 Organic Search Engine Placement (SEO)

How does it help you rank higher on Google? Not only rank higher, but dominate the results page. We want to see you listed multiple times on the first page of Google and the other search engines – ReachCast will certainly help you dominate the market on the search engines result page.

1.    Inbound Links. Google loves to rank websites based on how many other sites or web pages link back to the site. So for instance, your website  will rank higher organically if there are blogs out there written about a topic relevant to your industry with a link back to you as a resource. The key here is that it has to be a relevant, related site or article that links back to your site. We do this for your cast page. We will create those articles and submit them to over 500 different blogs and article sites.

2.    Keywords. Our ReachCast cast pages are rich with keywords. If you already have a pay-per-click campaign or ReachSearch campaign, we already know the keywords that people are using to search for your services which gives us a leg up on creating the keywords we want to focus on. So whenever we’re writing content for the cast page or filling out the About Us page or any of the other pages we’ll be sure to saturate it with the keywords that people are using to search for you.

3.    Fresh Content. Search engines LOVE fresh content. Your cast page is updated multiple times a month giving it lots of fresh, new content that the search engines will eat up. Additionally, we can place an RSS feed onto your existing website which will give it that fresh content as well thereby bumping it up higher in the organic rankings.


Social Media

Generally, we set up your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts when you sign on for ReachCast. But here’s where it gets good. We update them for you. All of the content published on your Cast page also goes to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts (YouTube if it’s video).

Additionally, we make it REALLY easy for people to share the posts on your Cast page by adding fun little icons that they can click on and it allows them to share not only to places like Facebook and Twitter but also to blogger, digg, LinkedIn, delicious, wordpress, and many more. Check out to see how the Cast posts come through on Facebook (they have an orange icon with a white C). No longer do you have to log into multiple platforms and sites to manage your social media because it’s all done from one convenient location. You can even see who is following you, reply back to them or follow them directly from ReachCentral.


Online Reputation Management & Monitoring

Do you know what people are saying about you? Would you like to? What if I said I just searched for you and found 2 online reviews.

One is rave about how great you are while the other one offers up a more negative opinion.

Here’s how ReachCast helps you manage both types of online reviews.

Our proprietary radar allows us to scour the web to find out exactly what people are saying about you. Once we find those reviews, good or bad, we take action. For the stellar review, we rebroadcast that over your Cast page so that it’s able to reach more people and give your business more credibility. For the review that isn’t so hot, your Web Presence Professional would alert you about the review and discuss with you the best course of action – whether that be to professional respond to the review or simply let it stand as is depending upon the situation.


Here’s why this is all so important. If you’re not part of the conversation, others will speak on your behalf. We help you join in the conversation and we also help get the conversation rolling through content and interaction. People operate in a “herd mentality” meaning that we look to other people for how to behave. This herd mentality, when utilized, can be a big game changer for your business because as people start to share their thoughts about your business through reviews or “like” your Facebook fanpage or share your content, others will follow in line. But first, you have to have quality content. Quality content is your seat at the social media table. Our “herd mentality” is what makes it spread  in a way that makes it the best advertising you can get without having to spend a dime. All we do is publish that content and engage in the conversations that are a result of others spreading your content for free!

ReachLocal created ReachCast so you can get more content in more places and ultimately get more customers. This powerful web presence optimization solution combines ReachLocal's proprietary technology with an expert service team to deliver search discovery, reputation management and social media marketing results.


If you or someone you know needs help with their online presence, contact TeamBishop at ReachLocal. We are conveniently located in Orlando and help small to medium businesses with their Internet marketing strategies.

Call us at 321.422.6600 x113 or via email: or

It's time to join in the conversation. Get started today!


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