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Mobile Marketing Landscape: How Your Customers Are Engaging on Their Devices

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Last updated 3 years ago

Like it or not, mobile marketing is now, today, the present.
Where we once stood idle in lines at the grocery store perusing the advertisements in magazines, reading a book on our morning subway commute or people watching outside the movies waiting for a friend who is running late, today's consumers don't sit idly by. In spare moment's they check their email, shop on Amazon, surf the web, watch videos on YouTube or socialize on Facebook and Twitter all from the convenience of their iPhone or iPad. 
Even while we sit in the comfort of our own home eating dinner or watching television, more often than not we are simultaneously browsing the latest news stories with the swipe of a finger. But you don't have to believe me. Jeanne Hopkins, Vice President of Marketing at Hubspot, even states about mobile marketing that "it's a once-in-a-generation shift in the way consumers connect with brands. And it's going to have greater impact than radio, TV, and the personal computer - combined."
But how do YOUR consumers utilize their devices and how can you capitalize on the opportunities presented by each of the different ways we, your consumers, engage with our many devices?
Let's start with our home computer usage.
When sitting in front of my home computer, I'm typically looking for easy navigation and more in-depth information such as product reviews and detailed product related content. At home, on my large desktop screen, I'm more likely to do extensive research and ignore advertising as I peruse content specific to my search inquiries. And the content, products and services I'm looking for may or may not be local in nature. 
Smartphone Usage.
Typically, when I'm searching on my smartphone, I'm on the go. Odds are I'm walking into a business, looking for a specific business or service close to my location or impatiently waiting in line at a retail store. When it comes to searching on my smartphone I'm more likely looking for quick information, local businesses or checking my email or socializing on social media. My smaller (tiny really) screen makes it more difficult to read detailed information and the load time for your website is a crucial factor in terms of whether or not I do business with you, or even, for that matter, give you 15 seconds of my time. Because, frankly, 15 seconds is about all I have. 

What about tablet usage (aka iPads)?
A recent Nielsen survey showed that tablets had the highest proportion of people using the device while watiing television: 40%. Typically, I (the consumer) reserve my tablet for more leisurely acitivities like game playing, browsing, shopping and content consumption. Activities high on my list are watching video, reading books, searching for info, emailing and shopping. I'm also more likely to pay attention to advertisements when using my tablet. 
When it comes to mobile marketing - your options are unlimited.
Here are a few more fun facts:
  • 85% of mobile devices are web enabled
  • 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent
  • Mobile search, according to Google, has increased 400% in 2011 versus 2010
But where do you start with your mobile marketing strategy?
Let's keep it simple today. The first step in mobile marketing: create a mobile optimized website.
Why? So that no matter what device I am searching for you on, I can easily find you and give you my business.
What strategies do you plan on using to make your business more mobile friendly? Have you seen any done by other businesses that you thought were really genius?
Leave your thoughts in a comment.



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Author: Leslie Whittaker

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