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As someone who speaks to a plethora of business owners, professionals, friends and family about Internet Marketing and search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, it really frustrates me when people hate on SEO. I know lots of people have been "burned" by SEO "scams," whether by their own ignorance or by a true SEO scammer is of no matter, but SEO holds a lot of value for every business.

After reading Todd Chef's blog post "10 Reasons Why SEO Haters are Plainly Wrong" I wanted to share a combination of both of our reasons to not be an SEO hater. In fact, I'm hoping I can turn you into an SEO advocate.

1. SEO is Creating Content Just to Get Traffic.
Wrong. SEO is creating traffic for your content, creating more content for your users and creating great content for your users and/or clients.  SEO is about driving traffic to your website through quality content but that is not the only purpose of content creation. Additionally, this content is also used to help educate and inform your existing and potential customers and help drive them to do business with you.

2. SEO is About Manipulating Google Results or Other Services.
Since Google (and the other search engines) don't disclose their algorithm when it comes to determining search engine rankings and since results are becoming more personalized, it would be extremely difficult to truly manipulate search engine rankings. Sure there are black hat SEO tactics out that that attempt to manipulate results but the best SEO practitioners do not use methods like hidden texts or paid links. You can get enough link love just by creating quality content. You won't need to "manipulate" search engine rankings if you create the right quality content for your target audience.

3. SEO is Spam.
SEO= search engine optimization. SEO = content creation for users and for Google to crawl. SEO done the right way supports Google's job of providing users with the most relevant results to their search queries. Spam = attempt to trick search engines into believing a particular result is relevant to a search query when it is not. Although spamdexing is linked to (black hat) SEO it's almost like saying that shoppers and shoplifters are the same because they both go to the supermarket and take away groceries.

4. SEO Destroys the Internet.
SEO helps you find the most relevant content on the Internet. SEO allows us to find the best and most relevant content on the best sites. In the long run, this content establishes those particular professionals and businesses as authorities in their given industry and will, in turn, be ranked higher on Google and other search engines.

5. SEO's are Sneaky & Shady Types.
Like any profession, there are those who play by the rules and there are those that don't. When it comes to choosing someone to work with you on SEO don't go with anyone who can guarantee placement on the search engines. Why? Because search engines do not disclose their algorithms so none of us truly know how to ensure first page, first position placement. What we can guarantee is that we will do all the best practices and from there you should see results in time. SEO is not a light switch - it takes time to work so don't expect an overnight miracle.


At the end of the day, SEO can be HIGHLY beneficial to your business when done right. Don't be an SEO hater. Learn to love SEO and how it can help your business. What do you like and dislike about SEO?


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Author: Leslie Whittaker

Partial content from: 10 Reasons Why SEO Haters Are Plainly Wrong



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