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Why We Love Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

in Internet Basics - What You Need To Know

Last updated 6 years ago

Five years ago, you would put up a website with compelling content and enhanced with keywords and, most likely, someone would stumble across it. Unfortunately with all the factors that search engines are factoring into their ranking algorithms, you can't just put up a website and hope potential customers will trip over it. You have to reach deep into your hat full of marketing tricks to attract new customers online and persuade them to use your products and services.

And what could be better than an extremely targeted form of advertising that only targets customers when they're explicity looking for your type of business and one that you only pay for when someone chooses your ad. Could there be anything better?

Welcome to pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC or in ReachLocal terms, ReachSearch.

Surely you've been exposed to pay-per-click advertising. Not sure? Have you searched for a product or service in your area such as a weight loss clinic, a vet, a roofer, plumber, eye doctor or dentist - then you've most likely been exposed to the wonderfully condense and targeted pay-per-click ads. Check the screenshot below of search results for "medical weight loss Orlando."

Traditional is out (okay, not completely but it's certainly not as big of a game player) and web marketing is in. But what makes PPC advertising so different and more effective over traditional advertising mediums such as television, print and radio. Well, for starters it's highly relevant to the consumer.

Let's examine this from a logical stand point. When you're watching tv, how many of the commercials during a 30 minute televsion show actually speak to your needs at that particular time or just your needs in general. Odds are maybe 1 out of 20 will be relevant to a product or service you are looking for.

Now how many of those commericials do you even watch these days?

Likewise, how many radio commericals actually apply to you? How many address a pressing need you have? Again, probably not that many. That being said, these mediums do target people higher up in the buying funnel as they are focused mainly on building brand awareness.

One major difference with pay-per-click advertising is that it addresses an immediate concern or need plus it has the added benefit of not wasting impressions upon those who aren't even interested in the services you offer. So, unlike television, print and radio where you pay to put your ad in front of people it doesn't even apply to and may not ever apply to, pay per click doesn't  place your ad in front of who  aren't actively interested in what you have to offer.

And, the biggest reason we love pay per click advertising = measurable ROI (return on investment). For once you don't just have to create an ad, start advertising and keep your fingers crossed that it works. With pay per click, you can track all the results. With pay per click you can track how many times your ads are clicked as well as what happens after "the click." Now you can really see if the there really is a great return on your investment.


TeamBishop - offers online marketing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Specializing in paid search (pay-per-click), social media, display advertising, online chat and web presence. We are ReachLocal Orlando's senior Internet Marketing Consulting Team. ReachLocal is an Internet advertising and digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small to medium businesses acquire, maintain and retain customers via the Internet.


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