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No One Clicks on Pay Per Click

in Internet Basics - What You Need To Know

Last updated 6 years ago

I've heard it countless times, "no one clicks on pay-per-click ads anymore so why should I spend money advertising there?" 

Before I answer your question, let me first ask you, "do you still currently spend money advertising in the yellow pages?" 

If you are like most business owners I work with, you answered yes to this. Why are you more inclined to spend money here than online where people are actually searching? 

Still believe those yellow page listings are your best option. Well I suppose that could depend on your demographic. For instance,  if you cater to those who are 50+ years of age, I guess I can see why you would still believe the yellow pages is actually your best bet on getting a return on investment for what you spend. 
Even so, if you are a business who targets, even as the smallest percentage of your market share, consumers under 45 then pay per click just isn't a smart marketing strategy it's a necessary strategy. Here's why. For as long as I can remember, my family has received multiple versions of the yellow pages. And for as long as I can remember, we have always thrown them out almost as quickly as we recieved them. Until about a month ago, I didn't even really know how to use a yellow pages to find a business (and I'm 29) but I can find a business on Google in about 10 seconds. And if my parents are in need of a business, do you think they go dumpster diving to find that chucked phone book. Nope - they call me and I find the business for them. 

Pay-per-clicks works in a very similar fashion to yellow pages advertising. A consumer has a need, they are ready to make a purchase (or are at the very least in the researching phase of purchasing a product) and, twenty years ago they picked up the yellow pages to search for your business (really convenient if you are somewhere where there is actually a phone book). Today, they hop on their lap top, mobile phone or iPad to find the business they need. 

But I already rank high organically so why do I need pay-per-click?Did you know that you can boost the liklihood of someone clicking on your add by over 30% just by having both organic and pay-per-click presence in search engine results? 30%! To me that is enough to validate the money spent on both. 

And while organic ranking is good, don't get me wrong, how many keywords do you rank well for organically? I'm betting not more than 20 at most. What about all the keywords you don't rank well for? How do consumers find you then, if at all? And just for the sake of saying it, just because you search a certain way doesn't mean that everyone else does. 

Furthermore, do you rank well organically across all major search engines or just Google? 

Now that I've hopefully convinced you of the importance of pay-per-click advertising, we'll get back to the original thought - No One Clicks on Pay Per Click Ads. 

Do you know how Google makes their money? PPC advertising.
Let's look at a breakdown of Google's advertising revenue's (ie. money from pay per click ads) over the last 5 years and then you can tell me if no one clicks on those ads.

  • 2007 - $16.4 Billion
  • 2008 - $21.1 Billion2009 - $22.9 Billion
  • 2010 - $28.2 Billion
  • 2011 - $26.3 Billion (through Q3)

If anything, I'd say MORE people are clicking on pay per clicks ads than ever before. So, tell me again, why aren't you advertising in a place where you can generate qualified leads - we're talking the kind of leads where the person has 1 hand on their wallet and the other hand on the phone dialing your number.

Are you using pay per click ads for your business?  Why or why not?  

What sort of results have you seen?  

What changes have you incorporated in your paid search strategy to make it more profitable?


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Author: Leslie Whittaker


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