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Last updated 5 years ago

The techniques that you used to market your business 20 years ago are a bit antiquated. Our society shifts these days at a radical pace. Doctors aren't using the same surgical methods today that they used 20 years ago, and while marketing is not life or death - no wait, technically it is the life or death of your business if not done right - you need to update your marketing techniques. 
In 2012, not only are you going to have to incorporate the Internet into your marketing mix but you're even going to need to evolve that from just a year ago. Here's what's hot in Internet Marketing for 2012. 
HOT TREND: Deal-a-Day Future Follow-Up
Simply offering coupons through deal-a-day sites like O-deals Daily, Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal sites are not the most effective in the long-term. Sure, they'll get customers through your door initially but mostly out of a huge slash in your pricing structure as opposed to the aspects of your business that help build loyalty like quality and customer service. So while the initial cash flow bump may be great unless you have a follow-up method, the gross margin will take a big nosedive. Hot trend for 2012 is sites like Mob Manager that help follow up on daily deal purchases with multiple emails that help build a lifetime value relationship with your otherwise deal seekers. 
HOT TREND: Generating Value Web Traffic
Would you rather 1,000 visits to your website where only 1 converts to an actual customer or 100 visits where 20 visitors convert into customers? It's not just about generating traffic to your website - it's about generating quality traffic. Build long-term relationships by consistently offering value. Hot trend for 2012 - email marketing using low cost tools like Vertical Response, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. Develop your own email list from potential and existing customers and then provide them with content of value to drive them back to your website and knocking on your business door.
HOT TREND: Professionally Managed Pay-Per-Click
Experimenting with pay-per-click yourself is so early 2000's. If you really want to take advantage of all that pay-per-click offers hire a certified pay-per-click professional who specializes, not dabbles on the side, in driving qualified traffic on a budget (did I mention I am one of those professionals? - just saying). Just like you wouldn't trust the kid down the street who read a car manual to fix the transmission on your car or your neighbor who knows how to work a pair of scissors cut your gorgeous locks, why would you trust yourself or someone else who doesn't specialize in pay-per-click and marketing to manage your pay-per-click campaign when you could invest that money with a professional, who like your car mechanic and hair stylist, specialize in it. 

HOT TREND: The Web - It's All Relevant
If you're a business and you're not on the web, to me - the consumer - you don't exist. How can you find that needle in a haystack without some good directions? You can't. The same way your consumers can't find you if you're not on the Internet. I know - you're local, they should just know you exist. Unfortunately it doesn't work quite that way. So, hot trend in 2012 - claim those local listings because they're all relevant to helping drive more traffic to your business. Once you have all those local listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the directories (make sure it is all consistent), optimize your website for local shoppers who want to buy from a physical location. 
HOT TREND: Make It Mobile Baby
Like it or not - mobile is here to stay and the usage is climbing through the roof - especially when it comes to local search. Hot trend for 2012 - create a mobile friendly version of your website and have "an app for that" ("that" being what you do). We're on the go now more than ever and where do we turn when we need a business/service/product - our smartphones. Make it easy for consumers to access your information. Don't make them scroll, expand and swipe to find the info they want. Be mobile friendly.
HOT TREND: Content is Still King
Just building it these days isn't enough to make them come. Blogging once a week and crossing your fingers that someone reads it ain't going to cut it. Hot trend for 2012 - keep blogging, in fact blog more, and include the latest sharing buttons so readers can spread the content for you. What's hot in 2012 - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon and any other ones specific to your industry. Let your readers do the sharing for you.
What marketing techniques do you think are hot in 2012?
Which Internet marketing techniques from above are you itching to try out? 
Share your thoughts in a comment.


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Author: Leslie Whittaker

Partial content from: Hot or Not: Sales and Marketing Trends in 2012


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