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    Local Business Grapevine: The Power of Word of Mouth

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Whether you like it or not, people are going to talk about your business – and you should want them to. Unlike twenty years ago, we’re not just standing around the water cooler chatting with 3-5 of our colleagues. Now we’re tweeting about your business, Yelping about what we liked and possibly didn’t or sharing information about your business via Facebook.

    Welcome to the new age of word of mouth.

    According to Google, there are over 2.4 billion conversations involving a brand every day in the U.S. Talk about powerful! As a local business, harnessing the power of word of mouth is an important way to build your business.  (ReachLocal | The Power of Word of Mouth for Local Business).

    While the majority of brand conversations continue to happen offline, the Internet, particularly search, still plays a vital role in these word of mouth conversations between consumers. The Internet functions as a top information source motivating and informing these conversions.

    Think about your last brand conversation with a friend or family member. Did your conversation initiate because of an article you saw or shared online? Was it because of an online video you watched that you couldn’t wait to share? And what about a conversation that a friend initiated with you? Did you search for more about that brand following your conversation?

    With all the time we spend online, we are constantly interacting with brands whether we are aware of it or not. As a result, these brands naturally make their way into both our online and offline conversations.

    Are consumers able to find your brand during and after these conversations?

    Is your brand proactive and visible online to help fuel these word of mouth conversations?

    Is your business web presence optimized so you even show up in these searches?

    Are you creating content that consumers want to talk about?

    It’s important to think about these questions. And it’s crucial to have a web presence optimization strategy for your local business. Make sure that your brand is visible in the places that people are searching, surfing and socializing before, during and after these conversations. It’s time to get people talking about you!

    What have you done to get people talking about your business?


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    Author: Leslie Whittaker (part of TeamBishop)

    TeamBishop is your local Internet marketing consultants with ReachLocal Orlando. We are experts in online marketing for local business which includes managing your reputation, engaging consumers with social media, optimizing your web presence and establishing yourself as an industry leader. To learn more  contact TeamBishop today.

    Photo: courtesy of ReachLocal and video still from Google Business video: Word of Mouth and the Internet.

    Not only is the Internet a leading source of information to motivate conversations, it is also the number one source that people turn to during and after conversations to gather more information about your brand. In fact, Google searches directly inform 146 million brand conversations every day.

    TeamBishop & ReachLocal Reviews: Doubled My Service Profits

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Talking with ReachCast: How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    It happens to even the best businesses. Even the ones known for their outstanding customer service, like Starbucks, get negative reviews. So what do you do when a customer leaves a negative review or complaint about your business online - for the world to see?

    How you respond to these reviews not only says a lot about your business but it can affect how other people, potential customers, perceive your company and help influence their decision on whether or not to do business with you. Ultimately, your response or lack thereof affects your bottom-line.

    In this edition of Talking with ReachCast, two of ReachLocal's marketing team professionals discuss the process for dealing with negative reviews.

    1. Preparing to leave the response.
    2. Crafting the right response.
    3. Following up.

    Negative reviews provide you with a potentially tremendous opportunity to impact your bottom-line in a very positive way. Crafting timely responses to negative reviews can not only legitimize your existing reviews, especially the positive reviews, it also allows you to demonstrate to current and potential customers that you genuinely care about the level of customer service you provide and that your customers can trust that you will do what is in their best interest and remedy any wrongs. Don't underestimate the power of a negative review.

    Make sure that you are constantly monitoring your business on the web. You want to make sure that you are responding to negative reviews as soon as they happen. One of the best ways to monitor your online reputation is to set up a Google Alert for your business name. In order not to miss any thing, make sure to create a few alerts using variations of your business name.

    Have you received a negative review about your business? Did you find it in a timely manner? Did you know how to respond? Leave your thoughts about negative reviews in a comment.


    Read More About Online Reputation Management & Reviews


    To learn more about how you can craft responses to negative online reviews, contact TeamBishop today. Dawn Bishop and Leslie Whittaker are here to help you build a positive web presence for your business and can offer lots of helpful tips and tricks to help you.

    TeamBishop is your local Internet marketing consultants with ReachLocal Orlando. Our mission is to help you increase your revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven online marketing strategies. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

    Talking with ReachCast video courtesy of ReachLocal. Video features Mike Merrill and Tiffany Monhollon.

    Certified Climate Trusts His Online Marketing to TeamBishop & ReachLocal

    Last updated 4 years ago

    • on Email
    • I have been dealing with Reach Local now for about 3 months. When I was originally contacted by Dawn Bishop with Reach Local I was very interested in what she had to offer. I signed an agreement and went on with my day. Later that week I was advised by another vendor that I may want to do some research on Reach because there was some bad... More

      David at Certified Climate

    How To: Add Twitter to Your LinkedIn Account

    in Social Media & Web Presence Basics

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Savvy social media user? Already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Fantastic. Now let's make your social media accounts even more seamlessly integrated by connecting your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account.

    As Mike Merrill, ReachLocal content marketing team leader, states:

    "Using LinkedIn to connect with personal and business contacts is a great way to grow your network and buil influence online. You can even use a personal LinkedIn profile to promote your business! As the site has grown to reach over 120 million users, LinkedIn is continuing to add engagement features, like Twitter integration."

    It's just another way to integrate your social media efforts and build your connections and social presence. In Mike's video, he'll walk you through the steps of adding your Twitter account into LinkedIn as well as how to cross-post from each platform.

    What are your tips & tricks for using Twitter and LinkedIn to build your personal and professional brand?

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    Want to learn more about how to incorporate social media strategies into your business? Contact TeamBishop today!


    About Mike

    Mike Merrill leads the content marketing team at ReachLocal and writes about technology, social media, personal branding and his love of bacon. He speaks regularly on social media and leads the Social Media Club of Dallas.

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