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    SmartWater's Smart Marketing with Jen Aniston!

    Last updated 4 years ago

    "Hi, I'm Jen Aniston and I'm here to talk to you about SmartWater. But in this day in age, apparently, I can't just do that. Can I? I can't just tell you that Smart Water is the smartest, best tasting water that's out there. I have to make a video apparently that turns into a virus" (aka "viral").

    Just like we're telling you that a static website will no longer convert consumers into customers like it used to 5 years ago, nor will traditional ads convert consumers into customers like they used to. The days of broadcasting your own awesomeness through print ads, TV commercials and radio spots to grab attention just won't work they way they used to. Don't believe it - just watch SmartWater's viral video hopeful featuring Jen Aniston. They clearly get the way consumers are engaging and interacting with brands. They get that we no longer want to be bombarded with your own thoughts of how awesome you are. We want original, engaging and creative content that begs us to share, tweet and like it.

    Traditional advertising relies on getting prospects to stop what they are doing and pay attention to your message. But the web allows you to shake up this traditional way of gaining consumer attention. Stop shouting your message at us and create a message that we'll want to share. A message we'll want to engage in. Create a message we feel compelled to share with our friends and family who, in turn, will also mostly likely pass it on to who they know.

    • Advertising is no longer a one-way message from you to us (the consumer).
    • Advertising is no longer exclusively about selling your products or services.
    • Advertising is no longer about limited lifespan ads.
    • Advertising and PR are no longer separate disciplines.

    The Internet has changed the rules when it comes to advertising. Content drives action. So you must create content that compels consumers to share it.

    Like SmartWater, you have to create great content. Content that begs your consumers to share it, like it, tweet it and most of all advertise your brand for you!

    What type of content have you created that has been shared, liked and tweeted?

    Great Review From Cindy on LinkedIn

    Last updated 4 years ago

    • on LinkedIn
    • "Our company has worked with Dawn for many years, and I have been so happy with the results that we have gotten. She has provided us with ideas and insights, then worked with us to implement a plan that has brought growth to our business." 

      Cindy Donaldson

    Set Up & Optimize Your Google Places Page

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Do you know the importance of your Google Places page listing?

    With the recent change in Google's search engines results ranking algorithm, your Google Maps/Places page  now integrates directly into the organic search results, with many local business' Places pages ranking near the very top. By claiming and optimizing your Google Places page you can ensure that you have great organic placement plus make sure your business information is visible and accurate to consumers searching for your products and services.

    Before we get started on the how-to of setting up and optimizing your Google Places page, you may be wondering "why even bother?"

    In addition to the reasons listed above, here's another essential reason to claim your business listing on Google Places.

    Can you spot the problem with these Google Places pages?

    If you don't claim it, someone else can. And, as you can see in the case of the WingHouse Bar & Grill, someone else has claimed their logo, Black Chapel Tattoo Studio. Do you really want someone else advertising for their business on your Google Places page?

    Claim or Set Up Your Place Page

    To get started, you'll need a Gmail account (Google email) account for your business. If you have a personal one, go ahead and create one specifically for your business to keep everything professional. Visit the Google Places web page and sign in with your Gmail account. If you don't have one, click "Create an account now" to set up your new account. 

    1. Once you are logged in to your Gmail account, click the button that says "List Your Business." To see what information Google has on your business, enter your primary phone number. If your business already exists on Google, you can still verify it and personalize it with your business details.

    2. Add or edit your basic business information including your address, phone number, email, website URL, hours of operation, description and business categories. Google allows you to select or create up to 5 different business categories so take advantage of this option to give your potentail customers a variety of ways to find your business. Make sure that at least one of your categories is a default Google category to help your Place page rank higher in the search results.

    For your Business Description, you want to focus on top product and service keywords but also remember that actual people will be reading this so make sure to have a business description that appeals to both the Google algorithm and your potential customers. This description shows within the Google search results for your Place page so make sure you use it to entice customers to click through to your Google Places page for more details.

    3. Optimize with Content. Add interesting and valuable information to improve your Google Places Page rank in organic search engine results. So what is interesting and valuable information? Pictures, videos, and descriptive details about your business. Your pictures may appear in the Google search engine results next to your business' listing so make sure you post pictures that are clear, appealing and relevant to your target audience. For no charge, Google allows you to add up to ten photos and five videos (via YouTube). Definitely take advantage and swap them out regularly to keep your content fresh.

    4. Verify your Google Places Page listing. You can verify via phone or email. Google requires verfication with a PIN, or code, to validate your are the business owner or business representative. Once you've received your PIN, enter it into the alloted space and you're all set.

    Congratulations - once you have successfully entered your PIN your Google Places Page is "owner verified" and displaying on Google Maps with all the fantastic information you provided.

    Manage Your Reviews

    Just because you've successfully verified your Google Places page doesn't mean you're done. The final component to a robust Google Places page is customer reviews. Make sure you are actively monitoring reviews posted to your places page. Ask your current customers to write stellar reivews for you. And if you stumble upon a negative review, take the time to respond in a professional manner that aims at resolving whatever the compliant was. Additionally, Google aggregates reviews from across the web so your online reputation across other review sites plays an integral role in how your Google Places page reviews stack up.

    Need help setting up your Google Places page? TeamBishop at ReachLocal Orlando will claim, set up and optimize your Google Places page as well as tell you how you can get the most from your web presence without having to add to your hefty workload. To set up your Google Places page consult, call 321.422.6600 x122 today!

    ReachLocal Campaign Services - the Expert Technology & Service Masterminds Known as Campaign Professionals

    Last updated 4 years ago

    When you work with ReachLocal, you get an entire team to support your online marketing efforts. Our Internet Marketing Consultants (like Dawn Bishop at ReachLocal Orlando) and Account Managers (like Leslie Whittaker at ReachLocal Orlando) build face-to-face relationships and provide expert guidance to local Orlando businesses. But we're not the only brains hard at work on your Internet marketing campaigns.

    In fact, we have an entire team of Campaign Professionals in our Campaign Services Department supporting our clients every step of the way. These technical masterminds manage the technical details of your campaign to ensure the best performance possible. Together we all work closely together to make sure your needs are addressed, questions are answered, and optimal service is delivered at every touch point. Dawn and Leslie continue to foster a relationship with you, provide local online marketing expertise and suggest new products and solutions to help your business grow while our campaign professionals team does the technical heavy lifting.

    Want to know more about our Campaign Professionals Team like what exactly they do, the type of support they provide and their credentials? Read more on the ReachLocal Blog about Everything You Need to Know About ReachLocal Campaign Services!

    Can You Recognize a Scam on Twitter?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    "The Internet is a virtual world of opportunity – but occasionally that also applies to unsavory types who are looking for their next big scam. On social networking sites like Twitter, where it’s common practice to follow or get followed by someone you may not already know, it’s especially important to know how to safeguard yourself against common scams that could result in a computer virus, or worse." (ReachLocal Blog)

    While more business owners are starting to utilize Twitter (a recent report found that Twitter usage by small-medium sized businesses more than doubled in 2010), you must be conscious of the unsavory types out there who may try to take advantage of your newbieness on Twitter. Chances are you may have already encountered a Twitter scam. If not, consider yourself lucky and read more below on how you can be on the lookout and not fall victim.

    ReachLocal's social media guru, Angela Epley highlights the 4 most common types of Twitter scams and how you can avoid falling prey to them. (Read the full post on ReachLocal's Blog Post - Do You Know How to Recognize a Scam on Twitter).

    1. Someone you don't know or trust mentions you (@your_username) or DMs (direct messages) you a shortened link.
    2. A new follower has no profile pic, follows a ton of people without many followers back and their tweet history looks like a broken record.
    3. An unfamiliar or new application is asking you to type your Twitter username and password.
    4. A stranger is using a popular or relevant hashtag out of content in a tweet to promote a link.

    Don't be a victim, learn how to not get scammed on Twitter.


    TeamBishop - offers Internet marketing solutions for local Orlando businesses. We specializing in paid search (pay-per-click), social media, display advertising, online chat and web presence. We are ReachLocal Orlando's senior Internet Marketing Consulting Team. ReachLocal is an Internet advertising and digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small to medium businesses acquire, maintain and retain customers via the Internet.

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