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    No One Clicks on Pay Per Click

    in Internet Basics - What You Need To Know

    Last updated 3 years ago

    I've heard it countless times, "no one clicks on pay-per-click ads anymore so why should I spend money advertising there?" 

    Before I answer your question, let me first ask you, "do you still currently spend money advertising in the yellow pages?" 

    If you are like most business owners I work with, you answered yes to this. Why are you more inclined to spend money here than online where people are actually searching? 

    Still believe those yellow page listings are your best option. Well I suppose that could depend on your demographic. For instance,  if you cater to those who are 50+ years of age, I guess I can see why you would still believe the yellow pages is actually your best bet on getting a return on investment for what you spend. 
    Even so, if you are a business who targets, even as the smallest percentage of your market share, consumers under 45 then pay per click just isn't a smart marketing strategy it's a necessary strategy. Here's why. For as long as I can remember, my family has received multiple versions of the yellow pages. And for as long as I can remember, we have always thrown them out almost as quickly as we recieved them. Until about a month ago, I didn't even really know how to use a yellow pages to find a business (and I'm 29) but I can find a business on Google in about 10 seconds. And if my parents are in need of a business, do you think they go dumpster diving to find that chucked phone book. Nope - they call me and I find the business for them. 

    Pay-per-clicks works in a very similar fashion to yellow pages advertising. A consumer has a need, they are ready to make a purchase (or are at the very least in the researching phase of purchasing a product) and, twenty years ago they picked up the yellow pages to search for your business (really convenient if you are somewhere where there is actually a phone book). Today, they hop on their lap top, mobile phone or iPad to find the business they need. 

    But I already rank high organically so why do I need pay-per-click?Did you know that you can boost the liklihood of someone clicking on your add by over 30% just by having both organic and pay-per-click presence in search engine results? 30%! To me that is enough to validate the money spent on both. 

    And while organic ranking is good, don't get me wrong, how many keywords do you rank well for organically? I'm betting not more than 20 at most. What about all the keywords you don't rank well for? How do consumers find you then, if at all? And just for the sake of saying it, just because you search a certain way doesn't mean that everyone else does. 

    Furthermore, do you rank well organically across all major search engines or just Google? 

    Now that I've hopefully convinced you of the importance of pay-per-click advertising, we'll get back to the original thought - No One Clicks on Pay Per Click Ads. 

    Do you know how Google makes their money? PPC advertising.
    Let's look at a breakdown of Google's advertising revenue's (ie. money from pay per click ads) over the last 5 years and then you can tell me if no one clicks on those ads.

    • 2007 - $16.4 Billion
    • 2008 - $21.1 Billion2009 - $22.9 Billion
    • 2010 - $28.2 Billion
    • 2011 - $26.3 Billion (through Q3)

    If anything, I'd say MORE people are clicking on pay per clicks ads than ever before. So, tell me again, why aren't you advertising in a place where you can generate qualified leads - we're talking the kind of leads where the person has 1 hand on their wallet and the other hand on the phone dialing your number.

    Are you using pay per click ads for your business?  Why or why not?  

    What sort of results have you seen?  

    What changes have you incorporated in your paid search strategy to make it more profitable?


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    About TeamBishop: TeamBishop (Dawn Bishop & Leslie Whittaker) are Internet Marketing Consultants with ReachLocal Orlando. Our mission is to help you grow your business by increasing your leads and revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven online marketing strategies. Give us a call at 321.422.6600 to schedule your free consultation. 

    Read our client testimonials to learn more!

    Author: Leslie Whittaker

  2011 Best Places to Work: ReachLocal #27

    Last updated 3 years ago

    ReachLocal claims spot #27 on's 2011 Best Places to Work

    Every year identifies the Top 50 workplaces according to employees who have completed surveys on Glassdoor thus representing the Employee's Choice in terms of which companies take the cake in being the best place to work at. 

    With 65,000  companies in the running, only 50 had what it takes to make the final list. And ReachLocal is proud to rank #27. And we are in some great company. Here are some other companies on the list that you might recognize.

    • #3 Facebook
    • #5 Google
    • #8 REI
    • #10 Apple
    • #17 Southwest Airlines
    • #33 Disney Parks & Resorts
    • #34 Starbucks
    • #35 Nike
    • #37 Coach
    • #40 Groupon
    • #47 MTV Networks

    Check out the video below about Facebook as the best technology company on the list.

    How do they determine the overall ranking for each company? 
    Rankings are determined by overall rating on Glassdoor which is determined using a 20-question company survey that captures employee's attitudes about: Career Opportunities, Communication, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Morale, Recognition & Feedback, Senior Leadership, Work/Life Balance, and Fairness & Respect ( Glassdoor Best Places to Work).

    Congrats again to ReachLocal and all the other stellar companies who made the list!

    How to Set Up a Google Plus Brand Page

    Last updated 3 years ago

    We already know when it comes to social media, Google+ is the latest social media venture to make a big splash when it comes to social networking. And that's great knowledge to have but I'm sure as a business owner you are really wanting to know how to set up your Google+ Brand Page.

    Step 1: Sign into your Google account and head to

    Step 2: Select your business category.

    Step 3: Add info. Enter your business name, website and select additional subcategories.

    Step 4: Tagline and Photo. Summarize your business in just 10 words. Then add your image.

    Step 5: Spread the word. Tell all your personal Google+ friends about your new business page.

    Step 6: Enjoy your new Google+ Brand Page! You're done. 

    If you'd like a more in-depth video tutorial of how to set up your Google+ Business Brand Page, see the Mashable article "How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page" by Amy-Mae Elliott.

    Or you can watch this video tutorial on setting up your Google Plus Brand Page.

    Tips for Connecting with Local Shoppers This Holiday Season

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The shopping frenzy, otherwise known as the holiday season, is upon us. Black Friday has already kicked off the holiday season with a bang and thousands of people in the Orlando community have already shown their support for their local businesses by shopping small on Small Business Saturday. And today, Cyber Monday closes out the trifecta of major shopping holidays. But there's no reason that you can't continue to capitalize on the opportunities out there this holiday season. While the shopping trifecta may have already gone by, there are still plenty of shoppers out there looking for great deals. 

    Here are 5 Tips to Help Your Local Business Connect with Local Shoppers: 

    1. Make Your Gift-Giving Opportunities Obvious
    Big businesses spend millions of dollars letting us know all about their holiday deals, make sure everyone in the Orlando community knows that you offer amazing deals as well. Brainstorm seasonal promotions and gift-giving ideas specific to your business. Do you offer gift cards? Make sure you promote it not only within the store but utilize your social media endeavors to promote it as well. You could even offer the gift cards at discounted rates: spend $50 on a gift card that is valued at $75.

    2. Optimize Your Local Listings
    Google Places pages show up at the top of Google results, especially when searchers are looking for local options. Don't let this valuable online real estate go unused. Make sure your business listing on Google Places is claimed and optimized. Include key products and services, photos, videos and any special offers. Learn how to optimize your Google Places to get started.

    3. Build Your Mobile Web Presence
    Over 87% of smart phone owners use the Internet on their phones. Plus, 25% of smart phone owners use their phone as their primary device for accessing the Internet! Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you may be missing out on tons of potential business. Make sure local shoppers can access your website directly from their mobile devices so they can learn about you and find your business while they are out and ready to buy!

    4. Share Unique Holiday Offers with Fans & Followers
    Reward your loyal fans and followers on your social media networks by offering special offers that are only available to those who follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Remind your current fanbase about your local business and what you have to offer for holiday shoppers. Plus, it's a great way to encourage them to share your specials with their friends, family and social connections.

    5. Get Customers Involved with Giving Back
    For many local businesses, the holidays are also a time when they get involved in local giving. If you are such a business, get your customers involved. There are plenty of local organizations that take an array of donations during the holidays. Set up a collection box at your location. Provide your customers with the opportunity to give back to support our local Orlando community. Host a food drive, sponsor a charity event or just be a collection location for existing charities in need. There are plenty of Orlando organizations that are taking in donations this holiday season, some of them include: 

    These are just a few tips for connecting with Orlando's local shoppers. What ideas have you used in the past that have been successful for you?
    Share your thoughts in a comment.


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    About TeamBishop: TeamBishop (Dawn Bishop & Leslie Whittaker) are Internet Marketing Consultants with ReachLocal Orlando. Our mission is to help you grow your business by increasing your leads and revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven online marketing strategies. Give us a call at 321.422.6600 to schedule your free consultation. 

    Read our client testimonials to learn more!

    Image and partial article courtesy of ReachLocal and Tiffany Monhollon. 

    Do You Know What Tech Device Is Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat?

    Last updated 3 years ago

    This holiday season you are probably bound to spend a good deal of time on your cell phone, laptop and iPad searching for the best gift deals. Well, here's another item you may want to invest in: disinfectant cloths. 

    Why should you worry about disinfecting when you have holiday purchases to make. Here's a few good reasons: 

    • Keyboards have about 60 times more germs than the toilet seat
    • 16% of cell phones have poop on them
    • The TV remote control is the single dirtiest item in a typical home

    Keep it clean this holiday season by disinfecting all of your electronic gadgets so you can stay as germ free as possible.

    To see a larger version of Tech Germs Infographic by Keeping It Kleen: click here!

    Infographics are a great way to share information about products, services or, in this case, dirty statistics we wish we didn't know.

    Much thanks to LocalOnlineGuy for bringing this "informative" graphic to our attention.

    About TeamBishop: TeamBishop (Dawn Bishop & Leslie Whittaker) are Internet Marketing Consultants with ReachLocal Orlando. Our mission is to help you grow your business by increasing your leads and revenues and decrease unproductive advertising expenses through proven online marketing strategies. Give us a call at 321.422.6600 to schedule your free consultation. 

    Read our client testimonials to learn more!

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