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    21 Rules for Social Media Marketing

    in Social Media & Web Presence Basics

    Last updated 2 years ago

    When it comes to social media marketing, while I'd love to tell you that you can spend 5 minutes once a month and be successful with, you simply can't. There are no shortcuts for social media marketing.

    What I can show you are 21 great tips for social media marketing that will help you create lasting relationships with your customers.

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    If you're looking to boost your social media marketing efforts follow the following great tips:

    1. There are no shortcuts.
    2. Contribute.
    3. Position yourself to be an expert.
    4. Have meaningful conversation.
    5. Activity does not equal productivity.
    6. Quality > quantity.
    7. Avoid spamming.
    8. Keep it real.
    9. Conversation is a 2-way street.
    10. Connection doesn't imply permission.
    11. Access doesn't equal entitlement.
    12. Adaptability is essential.
    13. Accomplishment.
    14. Engagement and enrichment. Engage sincerely.
    15. Use images and multimedia.
    16. Always follow up with connections.
    17. Mind your manners.
    18. Patience is crucial.
    19. Don't be an obsessive joiner.
    20. Blog regularly.
    21. HAVE FUN!

    What tactics have you found to be most successful for your social media efforts?


    If you'd like more information on how to utilize social media effectively to market to your current customers, contact TeamBishop today. We can help craft a custom plan for you!

    author: Leslie Whittaker


    Why Google+ Local Matters for Your Business

    in Social Media & Web Presence Basics

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Google+ Local pages for business matter. 
    People have always been able to connect with your business on Google as long as you had a dominant organic or pay-per-click presence but Google is making it easier than ever not only for people to find your business but interact with your business. 
    But let's talk about one of the main reasons that you need to focus on not only having a Google+ Local page for your business but why you need to manage it and continually update it with relevant, useful content and posts. 
    I've talked with a lot of local business owners and I know that the real estate at the top of any search engine results page related to their business is a piece of real estate they all aspire to posssess. And with the Penguin updates at Google, the rules of the game have changed when it comes to climbing the organic placement ladder. 
    The ranking of your website on search engines like Google is highly impacted by social signals. The algorithm includes social signals to assign rankings (ie placement of your website) on result pages. 
    Adopters of Google+ should expect better rankings for increased exposure.
    But it's not just a matter of - if you build it, you will rank higher.
    Yes, you must create a Google+ Local page and verify it so you show like you did when Google Places pages were all the rage. However, if you want to really maximize what Google+ Local can do for your business then you need to work on expanding your reach. Much like Facebook, you expand your reach by posting relevant, useful content. The type of content that I, your consumer, not only find interesting but also want to share with all my friends. I do this by +1-ing your posts. While this may not necessarily mean an extra sale every time someone +1's your posts, it does open the door for future opportunities to sell or promote your products/services. At the very least, you are building brand awareness about your business. 
    Glenn Gow posted the following in his article Why Google+ Matters to Business on Business 2 Community,
    "Google wants users to spend time on their search site so they can sell advertising. It’s really quite simple. When Google looks at their investment in Google+, it is to help them achieve the objective of selling more advertising.
    To do that, Google is leveraging the content we provide on Google+ to drive better search results … which is what users want … which means users do more search on Google … which means advertisers get better value … which means Google sells more advertising.
    Google wants to provide more and more relevant search results to users. They are doing this first by highlighting Google+ content in search results. Google will continue to make very significant investments in improving search results and will leverage Google+ to make that happen."
    If you want to see your business in the prime real estate on Google, take the time to create and manage your Google+ Local page for your business. 


    If you'd like a personal consultation on how you can leverage Google+ Local for your business contact TeamBishop today!

    author: Leslie Whittaker

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    ReachLocal Review | I Know My Return on Investment

    Last updated 3 years ago

    "With ReachLocal, I can tell exactly at any given time what that return on investment is so that I know where my dollars are being best spent." Peter Fice, Executive General Manager.

    Cerritos Nissan sees ROI with ReachLocal online marketing.

    What made Peter Fice choose ReachLocal to market his car dealership online?

    "Looking at [ReachLocal's] business model I can look at it and I can tell exactly at any given time what the return on investment is so now I know that my dollars are being  best spent and I know that I have efficiencies. We can follow through from the point of a phone call, an Internet lead and then track it all the way through the CRM. But one of the things I have noticed is that it's really had a huge benefit on the fixed operations - our service business, our parts operation and our body shop business. And again I can do the exact same thing and measure every step along the way as to the effectiveness."

    Not only does Peter Fice love the effectiveness of his ReachLocal campaign but he loves that he gets a true business partner in his ReachLocal Internet Marketing Consultant.

    Here are some of the results of Cerritos Nissan's ReachSearch, pay per click, campaign:

    • 143,875 impressions
    • 2,492 visits
    • 590 calls

    Contact TeamBishop today to learn how ReachLocal can help you effectively and efficiently market your business online. 

    Google+ Local Reviews | 10 Tips You Need to Know

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Have you noticed the changes recently to your old Google Places page?
    If so, you're not alone. Google recently launched some major changes to Google Places, its local listing service now called Google+ Local. 
    Google+ Local, the new and hip version of Google Places, enables businesses to connect with existing and potential customers in a unique and more human way. Not only do these listings rank highly in organic listings and maps but they also have a new look and feel that mimics Google+ and allows for real-time updates much like Facebook.
    Google+ now has 400 million users. With all those potential eyes, local business owners on the site need to put a stronger emphasis on their customer reviews. In fact, 67% of consumers online read reviews of businesses before making a purchasing decision, and 70% of consumers trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 reviews. 
    Here are 10 things you need to know about the Google+ Local reviews.
    1. Reviews Lost Their Stars
    2. Google+ Local Utilizes Zagat's Rating System
    3. 10 Reviews are Need for Rating to Display
    4. Reviews Sorted with New Relevancy System
    5. Google+ Local Favors Reviews from Friends
    6. Old Reviews Migrate to Your Verified Page
    7. Old Star Ratings Integrate into Score But Don't Include a Review
    8. Respond to Positive and Negative Reviews
    9. Ask for Positive Reviews
    10. Integrate Your Listing with a Google+ Business Page
    With these pages not only showing for local search results on the first page of Google but also being integrated into Google+ verifying and managing your Google+ Local Page is now an absolutely critical component to any local businesses online marketing plan.
    Make it easy for your existing customers and potentials customers to find you, learn about you and do business with you! Through your Google+ Local Page you can connect directly with customers, spread the word about your business online and utilize the page as an interactive hub for your business. And, most importantly, you can encourage happy customers to leave you loving reviews on this page so the world can see how amazing your business truly is.
    Get a more detailed summary of each of the 10 things you need to know about Google+ Local reviews: 10 Things You Need to Know About Google+ Local Reviews.
    Don't have time to manage this on your own?
    Let TeamBishop and ReachLocal show you how we can help you manage your Google+ Local  Page, generate positive reviews and have better organic visibility on your local Google search engine results page.
    To learn more about optimizing your Google+ and Google + Local pages, check out our Google+ Local ebook.
    partial content and image from ReachLocal ReachCast Blog.

    ReachLocal Review | We Had Major Success with ReachLocal

    Last updated 3 years ago

    "We are very busy, largely because of ReachLocal. We had a major success; we had inquiries which subsequently got us two contracts for three months related to the Olympic Torch. Two of our vehicles will be following the Olympic torch around the country." -Lez Bowren, Fleet Manager

    Ton Hire, vehicle hire and sales company, in the UK achieved great success with their Internet marketing campaigns with ReachLocal. 

    Through the call tracking that ReachLocal provides on our pay-per-click campaigns, Ton Hire was able to return a phone call that subsequently lead to contracts for vehicles following the Olympic Torch. And it didn't stop there. The daily call rate has improved each day. 

    "The campaign has proved very successful to us," says Lez Bowren, "and we look forward to many years of this campaign."


    Learn how TeamBishop at ReachLocal can help grow your business give us a call today at 407.920.7395. 

    We are located in the Orlando area but can help businesses all over the country grow their business through search engine marketing, search engine optimization. social media presence and display advertising. Armed with ReachLocal's superior Internet marketing technology and three Internet marketing consultants, TeamBishop is the perfect solution for your online marketing needs.

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