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    The Evolution of Online Marketing & Organic Ranking with Local Bob

    in The Adventures of Local Bob

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Once upon a time, there was a local business owner, let's call him Local Bob,  who created a website with lots of great content that was keyword-rich and extremely informational plus his site had a fantastic, asthetically pleasing design. He also made sure that some other sites in his industry or that were relevant to his industry link back to his local business website.

    In those days, back when Google only really cared about keywords, content, meta-tags and inbound links, Local Bob's site ranked really high in the organic listing for about 10 keywords. After a year or two, Local Bob noticed that his website was no longer ranking as high in Google's organic listings.

    Local Bob started pacing and scratching his head trying to figure out what had happened? Why wasn't he showing up any longer?

    What Local Bob didn't realize was that the Internet was changing. With the arrival of social media sites, review sites, blogs, video sites and so much more, search engines had to alter the way they ranked Local Bob's website. Now, search engines like Google weren't only looking at the content on Local Bob's website and his inbound links, they also had to factor in what people were saying about Local Bob's business and how they were interacting with him online. So while Local Bob's SEO investment two years ago had initially paid off, it was no longer getting him the organic ranking he deserved. In fact, he had completely disappeared from sight.

    Then Local Bob got a brilliant idea. What if he could guarantee top-priority placement on the search engines?

    And he did. Through pay-per-click advertising (ReachSearch) Local Bob was able to guarantee top placement on over 98% of the places that his customers were searching for him. And he wasn't just getting that placement for a couple keywords, he was getting top placement for hundreds of keywords. As part of the service, Local Bob's pay-per-click advertising campaign tracked the visits, calls and emails from his text ads so that it could optimize around the best performing keywords for Local Bob's business and in the end run a more effective and efficient campaign that truly invested Local Bob's money in all the right places.

    For Local Bob, just having a small text ad wasn't enough - he wanted to dominate the search results page. But how could he do this?

    After doing some research Local Bob learned of the new ways Google was ranking local businesses on their search results page. First, they looked at his website content and inbound links to his website. But now, they were adding another piece to the equation. Google decided they also needed to factor in Local Bob's online reputation and social authority to really give the searcher the most accurate and relevant results possible.

    Hmm....thought Local Bob, how can I get found on search engines now. Local Bob had stumbled across a couple online reviews about his business but couldn't remember where they were found. And he had set up a Facebook fanpage and Twitter account but they were currently collecting online dust bunnies because he had forgotten to update them over the past 9 months.

    "I wonder," thought Local Bob, "if there is some type of service or product that can just manage my online reptuation and social media presence for me. I don't have the money to invest in hiring someone full-time who will cost me upwards of $30,000. And I don't have the time to do it myself - I have to keep my business running. What can I do?"

    After speaking with some local business buddies via LinkedIn, Local Bob discovered a total web presence service that incorporated all of the main elements of Google's PageRank equation, ReachCast. This was his golden ticket to once again having dominant organic results placement that drove customers to his website and through his business door.

    Six months later, Local Bob's business is thriving once again, actually it's better than thriving, his business is bursting at the seams. So much that Local Bob's considering opening another location. Between his pay-per-click advertising and total web presence service, Local Bob has become the dominate business listed on the organic search results page. In fact, it's hard to even locate a competitor on the first page for some of his top-performing keywords.

    So, what can you learn from Local Bob?

    For starters, not doing any online marketing and expecting huge success from your website alone is the equivalent to finding that needle in the proverbial haystack. Sure, you need a website but a static website that hasn't been updated in months or years isn't going to be enough any longer. If you want your business to succeed online, you have to have multiple online marketing strategies in place.

    Just as you had multiple traditional marketing campaigns running (such as print, tv, radio), you need a variety of online advertising mediums to really drive traffic to your business.

    Second, you have to monitor your online reputation and engage in social media. Facebook and Twitter aren't just for teeny-boppers. Local business owners and major corporations alike are learning that if they really want to create brand loyalty and drive new sales, they have to engage with their audience. How do you do this - through social media of course.

    When it comes to your online reputation - do you know what's being said about you? If you aren't part of the conversation, your consumers will continue having it without you. How many sales could you be losing out on every day because of a negative review you didn't even know existed? And what if that review was completely wrong and meant for another business? You have to not only know what people are saying about you, you have to engage in the conversation as well.

    It's time to take charge of your Internet presence and get the business you deserve!



    Contact TeamBishop today!

    If you or someone you know needs help with their online presence, search engine marketing,  pay-per-click advertising, total web presence, online reputation management and social media you can contact TeamBishop at ReachLocal. We are conveniently located in Orlando and help small to medium businesses with their Internet marketing strategies.

    (new Google equation photo courtesy of  ReachLocal.)


    TotalLive Chat

    in Internet Marketing Solutions

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Now that you are driving more traffic to your website through online advertising, what are you doing to convert visitors into leads?

    Immediately engage consumers by giving your website a human touch. You'll make a positive personal impression while cultivating leads that can increase sales.

    TotalLive Chat is an easy-to-implement live chat technology that proactively engages visitors on your website and generates leads for your business. By inviting consumers to interact while they are on your site, TotalLive Chat helsp you connect with more site visitors - which can increase your leads by up to 30%. (ReachLocal)

    TotalLive Chat is idea if you want to:

    • Increase sales leads from your website
    • Improve upon customer experience on your website
    • Convert online consumers into viable leads
    • Drive more traffic to your business
    • Increase customer loyalty and trust
    • Instantly be notified of viable leads
    • Reduce website abandonment

    TotalLive Chat is Available 7 days a week, 9am-1am EST.

    If  you'd like to know more about how TotalLive Chat  can help you convert more website visits into sales, contact TeamBishop (321.422.6600 x113) today.


    TeamBishop - offers online marketing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Specializing in paid search (pay-per-click), social media, display advertising, online chat and web presence. We are ReachLocal Orlando's senior Internet Marketing Consulting Team. ReachLocal is an Internet advertising and digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small to medium businesses acquire, maintain and retain customers via the Internet.



    Google's New Local Strategy & How It Helps Your Business

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Google has been making some big changes that will definitely have an impact on how your business ranks within the organic search listings and how you can drive new customers to your business. No longer is your organic Google ranking only about your website content and keywords paired with the inbound links to your site. They are expanding how they determine your ranking to include your online reputation (such as reviews on Yelp and CitySearch) and social authority (such as your social media presence on Facebook and Twitter).

    Straight from ReachLocal's blog, here are the ways Google is changing and how you can incorporate them to really drive new customers to your business.

    "Google has been busy making some big changes over the last few months, and if you’re an SMB owner you should definitely be taking note. Why? Most of the new features, updates and changes specifically affect the local space with a focus on local businesses. ReachLocal GM & SVP of ReachCast, Alex Hawkinson, wrote about these changes in a two-part blog series a month ago, called Keeping Up With Google (Part One, Part Two).

    Now, ReachLocal Co-Founder and CDO Nathan Hanks has created a presentation on Slideshare to elaborate more on Google’s strategy.

    Check out the presentation on SlideShare here."

    Learn more about Google's local strategy changes by visiting the ReachLocal blog. (quoted content courtesy of ReachLocal)



    If you or someone you know needs help with marketing their small businss online through search engine marketing,  pay per click advertising, total web presence, online reputation management , Internet advertising, and social media you can contact TeamBishop at ReachLocal in Orlando. We are Internet Marketing Consultants who help small business owners in the Orlanda area with their Internet marketing and advertising strategies through ReachLocal's proprietary technology.

    5 Great Books for Your 2011 Business Strategies

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Looking for new business ideas in the new year? These 5 books make a great addition to any business owner's bookshelf. They're fantastic resources to utilize whether you're looking for business strategies, advertising ideas, managing your reputation, enhancing customer service and more.

    1. The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, by David Meerman Scott. The rise of social media has catalyzed big changes in the marketing and public relations industries. Now, instead of relying solely on traditional media outlets or companies whose sole purpose is to push your message to the masses, business owners like you can contact receptive consumers directly via social media. In this book, you’ll learn more about how the Web drives new rules for marketing and public relations through case studies and real-world examples.

    *This one happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Great resource.*

    2. The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself, by John Jantsch. The Duct Tape Marketing guru focuses on the trusted (and time-tested) technique of world-of-mouth referrals in this book. As most small businesses shift their attention (and ad dollars) from offline to online marketing strategies, Jantsch’s book is a good reminder that your word-of-mouth referrals can and should be included in that transition. With tips and how-tos on building a system that’s right for your small business, this book will guide you towards harnessing the cost-effective power of referrals in today’s digital age.

    3. Carrots and Sticks Don't Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement with the Principles of RESPECT, by Paul L. Marciano. What keeps employees motivated and happy? In a word: respect. Here, Marciano explores the fundamental principle behind costly rewards and recognition programs to uncover more affordable ideas that are easier for small businesses to implement right away. Emphasizing the success of the team over individual performance is just one of the takeaways you’ll learn about to reduce turnover and low morale, so your employees remain focused, engaged and committed to winning as a group.

    4. Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. This isn’t your grandfather’s workplace. Or even your father’s. As a small business owner, you probably already know this. But how to adapt your day-to-day task list as well as your long-term strategies and approaches may remain a challenge. Written in a style and voice that recalls the authors’ company blog, Rework will encourage you to take a fresh approach on running your business in a 21st century workplace.

    5. The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything, by Guy Kawasaki. The co-founder of Alltop tackles the topic of how to start a business project right in this must-read for every entrepreneur. As the former marketing guru for Apple and a noted venture capitalist, Kawasaki’s unique background provides insight on every step of launching) or re-launching) major business undertakings. From putting together the perfect business plan to funding your big idea (with or without venture capital), The Art of the Start empowers

    business owners to turn ideas into action.

    Some of my other personal favorites include Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel. This a phenomenal book on how social media and the Internet is changing not only our personal lives but the businesses we own and interact with as well. And another favorite is Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. Awesome book if you want to learn more about how people think and our herd mentality.


    What business books have you found to be the most helpful for your business?

    (post courtesy of Angela Epley and the ReachLocal blog.)



    If you or someone you know needs help with their online presence, search engine marketing or social media you can contact TeamBishop at ReachLocal. We are conveniently located in Orlando and help small to medium businesses with their Internet marketing strategies.

    Are Your Customers Being Lured From Your Business?

    Last updated 7 years ago

    With 86% of consumers using the Internet to find local businesses, are your potential customers being lured to your competitors?

    When a consumer conducts a search, one of the first things they generally see on the page is the Google Places listings. Are you showing up?

    If not, did you know that a competitor could be claiming your Google Places listing this very second?

    It's true. Your competitors could be driving traffic away from you and to them simply by claiming your Google Places listing and linking it back to them.

    Learn how you can Claim Your Google Places Listing and start driving more traffic to your business today.

    Claiming your Google Places listing doesn't only keep competitors from luring your competitors away, it also a great way to expand your Web Presence and help customers find your business online.

    Want More?
    Don’t have time to make sure your Google Places listing is set up correctly? We help each ReachCast Pro client set up their Google Places listing in addition to numerous online directories. To learn more, contact us today.

    (Image courtesy of ReachLocal)

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