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5 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

Last updated 7 years ago

To get more customers online, you need a holistic web presence optimization strategy that includes online advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, for starters. But you also need to optimize your website to convert those potential customers into leads for your business. To increase conversion rates, your website must engage consumers while driving them to take action, such as calling, emailing, or completing a web form  (ReachLocal Blog).

Some best practice conversion tactics may already be familiar to you but without incorporating them to your website, knowledge of these best practices won't get you any more conversions than you are already getting. So let's not just list out these conversion ideas, let's implement these so you can grow your business.

While I'm not listing this conversion technique as one of the 5 for this article, and neither did ReachLocal in their post, for any online campaign you run the biggest best practice is creating optimized landing pages witha clear call to action, a prominent phone number and email address above the fold (where the screen cuts off and you'd have to scroll to see the rest of the information) along with a key message that matches your advertising. It's extremely imperative to maintain consistency between marketing messages and your landing pages.

Now let's examine the other 5 best practices when it comes to increasing website conversions.

  1. ADD VIDEOS TO YOUR WEBSITE. Online videos are a great compliment to your online marketing efforts because videos are far more engaging than static content. Videos are also a fantastic way to introduce your business, showcase your authority and brand personality. You can also highlight products/services or toss in some customer testimonials. Check out these great tips for creating online videos for your business.
  2. ENGAGE VISITORS IMMEDIATELY WITH LIVE CHAT. Capture immediate attention and entice conversion with a live chat widget. Live chat boosts conversions by proactively inviting customers to chat with a real person while on your website.
  3. OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE FOR MOBILE CUSTOMERS. Google has claimed that 16% of searches this year are mobile searches and as more consumers utilize smart phones you can expect this percentage to increase. Oh and research has also shown that mobile sites get more engagement than standard websites. Optimizing your site to be mobile friendly will only help incraese your conversion percentage.
  4. USE REMARKETING TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS TOP OF MIND. Not all potential customers convert the first time they visit your website, in fact the number is astonishing low for those who do. This is especially true for products/services that involve a lengthy buying cycle. Remarketing is an easy and cost-effective display advertising tactic that targets previous website visitors as they surf the web. Keeping your business top of mind makes you the most likely choice when they are ready to make the purchase.
  5. MEASURE THE CONVERSION, NOT THE CLICK. Most businesses havea  method in place to track the click for display and search campaigns but what they lack is the most important piece, tracking the actual conversion. Instead of measuring how many people visit your site, how about tracking how many people submit the contact form, send an email or actually pick up the phone and call. With Google Analytics or call recording technology you can glean insight into your website visitors' behavior. Tracking conversions help you see the effectiveness of the elements of your site.

What best practices have you found that help you increase conversions from your website? Share your experience with comments!


And to learn more about these techniques visit the ReachLocal blog: 5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates on Your Website.

Blog idea and partial content and photos provided by ReachLocal Blog and Tamara Weintraub.


If you'd like to learn how to incorporate these website conversion best practices or any other online marketing techniques, contact TeamBishop today! We'll be glad to give you some great ideas and insights.

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