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How Can A Mobile Friendly Website Help Your Business?

Last updated 7 years ago

Smartphone ownership is growing at 72% a year. With all this growth in ownership, does this rise in mobile usage leave you wondering how you can ensure consumers can find and engage with your business via their phones?

If Morgan Stanley's mobile web usage predictions are correct, mobile web usage will surpass desktop Internet usage by 2015!

How do you expect all these mobile consumers to find you if you aren't offering a mobile-ready experience? Not having a mobile web presence might not only cost you potential new customers but can allow your competition to build more momentum.

Now that we've covered what you could lose without a mobile web presence, let's review what you'll gain with one.

We're going to look at the top 3 benefits you get as a business owner by having a strong mobile web presence. And we're not just talking about having a mobile friendly website. For a complete web presence for your mobile searchers, you'll want to make sure you claim your business listings on Google Places and Yelp as well as create a Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Basically, you want to ensure that your business can be found in any of the places that your mobile consumers search.


With more and more consumer conducting searches via their smart phones, it is only natural that the businesses with the most dominant mobile web presence will receive more customers via mobile searches. Do you really want to let your competition have all the growth in revenues from this?

Research suggests that nearly 16% of all searches in 2011 will be on a mobile phone. Additionally, Google data on the U.S. smartphone users states that 88% of people looking for local information have taken action within a day. Wow, imagine how much better your business will be if you can capture these potential customers who are 88% more likely to visit your business?

Mobile searchers are ready to take action, so help them along by building your mobile web presence.


Of course you want users to have a good experience when they land on your site but you also want them to engage and convert when they get there. You don't want someone who glances at your site for 5 seconds and then leaves - you want interaction.

Research from Omniture  found that "mobile-optimized experiences produced an average 75% higher rate of engagements per visit for mobile users."

And, more importantly, when you're searching on the go what information do you find most valuable? A well-designed mobile-ready site focuses on giving the mobile searcher what they need like a phone number and address.


While you are providing a great resource for your mobile-savvy potential customers, you are also building your brand's image. Positive experiences equal better brand image for your business. And as the saying goes, perception is everything.

Consumers are making split-second decisions daily about the brands the come into contact with. Don't leave a bad taste in their mouth because they can't find you when they need you. You need to have a consistently good brand image across a variety of media outlets and this includes smartphones.

And if your competitors are behind on the times, a mobile web presence can be the factor that sets you apart from your competition and gives you an edge in your market.

So now that I've bombarded you with all the great  reasons to get a mobile web presence, I bet you're wondering 1 of 2 things.

  1. How do I get a mobile web presence.
  2. Wow that sounds like a daunting task. Sounds like too much effort for me to undertake; I have to run my business.

Say hello to ReachCast!


Getting a mobile web presence and website is far easier than you think. Certainly there are many tools and sites that you could use out there but when ReachLocal built ReachCast the goal was to optimize and improve the web presence of our customers across many sites and devices, including smart phones.

With ReachCast, every cast page is automatically mobile friendly the day it's published. Your ReachCast page features a fast loading page with clear calls to action such as a phone number and the ability to easily navigate content. But really, it's also aimed at conversions (that means getting people to call you or contact you via a contact form). We're not just in the business of getting you leads, we're in the business of getting you more business.

Overall, businesses that are planning and preparing to offer a mobile-ready site are better positioned to capture customers where they are surfing, searching and socializing online - even on their mobile phones.

How important do you think it is to be a mobile friendly business? Has your business seen any benefits from it or experienced difficulties by not jumping on the mobile friendly bandwagon?


If you're ready to make your business mobile friendly, TeamBishop would love to hear from you. Not only can we get the ball rolling immediately with ReachCast but we can discuss other strategies as well to improve your overall web presence. Let us be your Internet marketing consultants.

You can reach Dawn or Leslie via phone at 321.422.6600 x113/x122 or send us an email via our Contact Page. We'd love to have a conversation with you.


Original content provided in part by: ReachLocal blog post "Three Ways A Mobile-Ready Site Can Help Your Business."

Photo courtesy of ReachLocal ReachCast Blog.


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